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What To Consider Before a Psychic Reading

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We understand that you need immediate answers to some of your questions; however, there are certain things to consider before contacting any of our psychics.  Being prepared will make your reading much more efficient, productive and enjoyable.

We Have Over 40 Psychics to Choose From

We at Indy Psychic Readings have psychics from every part of the world, spanning across different age groups, race, background and gender all ready and capable of providing the necessary assistance when needed. You may find it difficult to select a reader that best suits your needs but that is why the bio of each psychic is very important. Each psychic explicitly enumerates his or her tools, abilities and strengths, making it a lot easier to pick the right fit. The customer care line is always available if you still have difficulty selecting one.

You Can Get a General Reading or a Specific Reading

Some take the general question approach while others ask direct questions. The fact that the direct reading gets to the main issue immediately without time being wasted is a major advantage of this approach. However, the general reading approach has a way of revealing issues you didn’t know existed. This is because the process opens you up to any message your spirit guides and the universe has to share. Both requests are accommodated by all of our psychics; however, you have to ask upfront if you want to take the direct reading approach. Time and money can be saved if you can help your psychic cut through the haze and move directly to what matters to you.

You Need to be Open, Sincere and Enthusiastic

The best psychic readings are recorded when a client opens himself or herself to getting a reading. This may sound a little obvious but from time, people who are closed off and unwilling to open up themselves contact us. If you don’t open up for the reading, you will just be wasting your money and time as well as that of the psychic as well. Be sure you are willing to commit yourself completely and do what it takes before contacting us. Be open, be excited, and be fully present. This is the only way to achieve the desired results.

You Need to Limit Your Distractions

To get the appropriate reading, you need to be completely focused. Your energy is needed for this task; therefore, if you’re busy with something else eg cooking, cleaning etc, do not call your psychic. Wait till you have the time to focus 100 percent. Wherever you call from must be free from noise, distractions and chaos. See this experience as one that is capable of changing your life and it just might be.

You Have to Face the Truth

What you will hear from us is the truth. So when you get a psychic reading from us, belive it. We are not in the business of telling people what they want to hear, except it’s the truth. We may not be able to sugar coat some of what we tell you but you just have to know that although some of what you hear might not be what you want to hear, it is for your own good. We aim to get you to your highest self ie, the best version of who you are so while you may not like what you hear, it will help you grow in the long run.

You Have to Consider Your Budget

We often offer incentives and different packages to new and active clients and we have different psychic at different price points. Note that the pricing is done on a per-minute basis, which means you will get more time with a psychic on a lower-priced tier than on a higher-priced tier. If you have any questions on this or want to know what tier you should pick based on your budget, our customer care representatives are there to help you.


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Why You Should Try Different Psychics

No two psychics are the same. They are all different, kind of like a snowflake or a fingerprint and that is each reading will be a unique experience. Trying out different psychics exposes you to a variety of abilities, tools and reading styles. Some of our old clients keep a circle of go to psychics while some others have a specific psychic they use whenever they need to. We encourage you to read with whomever you are comfortable with however; there are some benefits of trying out different psychics.

1. Different psychics give different perspectives.

You may be having issues with your significant other for instance, because he is a man, you may want to see things through the eyes of another man. Or you may be having issues communicating with your mom. It may be right to seek a psychic that is a woman, perhaps and elderly woman. Issues like this are the reasons why it may be worth it for you to have different psychics, to help you see things from different perspective.

2. Different psychics can address your changing needs.

Your biggest concern today might be overshadowed by something else in just a week’s time. Perhaps, your biggest burden for this week might be so far from you in just a space of one week. You may require a very compassionate reading on Monday but need something inspirational tomorrow. We understand that different factors affect and influence these things and that is why you can be sure that no matter what you might need at any point in time, we got you covered.

3. Different tools and abilities give you a fuller picture.

Yu may have been discussing your romantic relationship with your psychic. Perhaps you want to know if indeed you have found your soul mate. Or perhaps, you had a best friend who you consulted on every single significant decision in your life and perhaps, this friend is no longer alive and you feel like you can’t make certain decisions without knowing what that friend thinks. Perhaps, the psychic you have been discussing with doesn’t have the skill set to communicate with the dead and you need one that can do just that. Feel free to contact the customer care; they will help you find a psychic hat can. Now, you can bank on the readings of two different psychics.

4. The psychic you want may not be available.

Our psychics have been helping people like you in their time of need. Why not book an appointment today? Arrange a call back or ask for a psychic immediately, after all, some issues cannot wait. This is part of the reasons why it may be best to have a circle of psychics whom you can trust to talk to help you at any given time.

Our customer care representative have their go to psychics to select from and because they read with psychics themselves, they re in the best position to recommend one that will suit your needs. Whenever you are uncertain about anything, feel free to contact our customer care; they will gladly assist you.