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Indianapolis Love Psychics – How To Find Your Perfect Match

Indy love psychicsWell Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this can either be a really great time of year for you or a very depressing time.  Our Indianapolis psychics are flooded during the month of February taking calls and helping people find the answers to their love life.  So how did this holiday all come about anyway?

Most people are very familiar with the Christmas story and how it came to be.  The same goes for Thanksgiving but Valentine’s Day seems to be one of those holidays where no one really knows how it came about.  Well, that is going to end today because we are going to give you a brief history of the holiday.

How Valentine’s Day All Started…

Valentine’s Day dates all the way back to the Roman empire.  Although, in those times it wasn’t all about giving red roses, chocolate candies and being romantic to your lover.  No, it has a much darker past than that.  Every year the Roman empire would have a purification festival that was known as the Feast of Lupercalia.  The party would always begin with an animal sacrifice at the very spot where Rome was first founded.  (I know really romantic right?  Maybe you should start this Valentine’s Day with an animal sacrifice for your lover)  Just kidding we at psychics Indianapolis do not condone animal sacrifices.  Disclaimer has been thrown in.  Anyway, on with our history.  The Romans then would cut the hides of the animals into strips and whip their women with them.  They believed this would increase the fertility of the women for the coming year.  Once again very romantic : )

Ok so, animal sacrifices, women beaten with animal hides why is it called Valentine’s Day then?  Glad you asked.  This is where we mix these pagan festivals with some Catholic history.  Roman emperor Claudius II sentenced a man named Valentine to death on February 14th because he refused to deny Jesus Christ as God.  Valentine also performed a healing miracle just before he was killed by beheading.  After he was killed the church wanted to honor Valentine for his bravery and observed February 14th as Valentine’s Day.

The Feast of Lupercalia and Valentine’s Day were both celebrated simultaneously for hundreds of years.  However, Christianity started to spread and become more commonplace.  Therefore, Valentine’s Day took over and the Feast of Lupercalia gradually faded out.  So what about the candies, chocolates and romantic side?  Well, in the Middle ages Chaucer and Shakespeare began writing about love and romance and brought a more tender side to the holiday.  thank you Shakespeare.  I really wasn’t into the beatings and animal sacrifices anyway.


How To Find Your Perfect Match With Indy Psychic Readings

Like we said earlier, we get a ton of calls this time of year asking us when he or she will eventually meet their soul mate.  More than likely we are not going to have an exact date for you but we can usually guide you in the right direction.  The important part is that you are open to a relationship and are putting your best foot forward so your soul mate can find you and develop the perfect connection.  The best way to find your soul mate is to exhibit the traits that you would want in your partner.  Make certain you showcase your best self so he or she can easily see the real you.

For example, are you a good conversationalist and listener?  When going out on your next date be certain to ask about their background and truly listen to what they have to say.  Make sure that your questions are thoughtful and show him or her that you truly listened to what they had to say.

Men, you need to make sure you come across as confident and secure.  No woman will be attracted to a man that is self-conscious and insecure in who he is.  Be quick to make decisions on the date, pay for it and be a gentleman.  Ladies, make sure to stand up for yourself, demand respect and a little romance.

Your psychic medium will be able to help guide you in these areas and uncover some of the things that may be holding you back from finding your true love.  When calling your psychic be sure to have a few questions planned out that you would like to get the answers to.  But also be open to have the conversation flow freely and not be stuck to a rigid agenda.  This will help you get the most out of your Indiana psychic love readings.

What I love most about our psychic advisors is that they are honest.  They are not just going to tell you what they think you want to hear.  They will listen to your situation study their special mediums and deliver what they see straight to you in a direct and honest approach.  That is the way it should be!  Contact us today and see for yourself.  Who knows, your soul mate may be just around the corner!



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