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Tarot Card History and Origin: How Did It Come To Indiana?

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Tarot cards are not a new thing.  In fact, they have been around for hundreds of years.  The history of tarot cards date all the way back to the late 1300’s and were first seen in Europe.  Although, Islamic societies claim to have had tarot cards several centuries before that.  The original tarot cards were first developed as a game and had no special powers behind them.  The first game was very similar to the game of bridge that we play in this day and age.  Instead of bridge it was called triumph.  There were no specific suits to the cards they were just 22 different pictures on the tarot cards most of which were permanent trump cards.

It wasn’t until the 1700’s that tarot cards became associated with the occult.  Individuals in Europe, specifically France and England, believed the cards and symbols had more meaning to them than just basic trump cards.  They soon began to use them as a divination tool.  Like I mentioned earlier, there are those that believe tarot cards were around much before the 1300’s.  Many people have tried to trace the cards back to ancient Egypt.  It is certainly possible but from the studies that I have read I personally believe they were founded in Europe.

Throughout the years the meaning of each tarot card has changed considerably.  We have the hanged man, judgment card, the empress, the chariot along with others.  They have been shaped by each individual’s particular use for them and they era in which they have lived.  There are several different styles of tarot cards on the market.  However, the most popular of the bunch is the Tarot de Marseille cards.  This deck consists of 78 cards and is split up by suit cards known as the Minor Arcana and trump cards known as the Major Arcana.

The design and artistry on the cards reflects the Christian symbolism and important points of the old world.  As the game changed and leaned more toward divination interpretation the designs on the cards changed along with it.  These fortune telling cards have drawn a lot of attention and readings are available almost anywhere in the world.  They have even made its way to the more traditional Midwest like Indiana.  Indy Psychic Network offers a wide variety of tarot card readings and fortune telling.  We have been around for more than a decade and are highly rated.

Tarot cards are by far the most common and widely known but there are other types of decks that claim to have a divination background to them.  Special oracle decks and even common playing cards are being used by psychics and fortune tellers world wide.  Oracle decks are usually more specific than the general tarot cards.  Conventional tarot cards can be applied in a more general fashion and can be related to many different events.  Contrary to oracle cards which are not so universal and will keep the conversation flowing in a more specific manner.  Oracle cards have a numbered system along with dramatic imagery which help in fortune telling.

Whether you have gotten an Indianapolis tarot reading before or not you should definitely give it a try.  Just go into it with an open mind.  Most fortune tellers realize that the preconceived notions that the client has going into the reading is just as important as the type of cards and images that appear within the reading.  This will help them get a clear picture and vision to help you get the answers you have been looking for.  Contact one of our trusted advisors and let the world of tarot card reading unfold before you.


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